General Classes

emma headstand useThese classes are for any stage you are at, be that a complete beginner or someone with experience.  If you are looking for
a class filled with inversions, extreme backbends and arm balances, this is not for you! You will get some though!

Yoga, most people assume, is all about postures (asanas), but
this is just the 3rd out of 8 limbs or stages of yoga that it takes
to reach Samadhi (total bliss); that most of us fantasize about.
My classes will have plenty of asanas, but also time for the 4th limb, pranayama (breath control) as well as preparation for meditation
and ending with savasana (relaxation).

I have a specified class for Yoga Nidra if you are looking for deep relaxation.

Be it exploring all 8 limbs of yoga or just to stretch the body, I believe that by practicing yoga we not only improve our posture, flexibility, strength and mindset, we may just find or reignite our inner truth. Come and try it out and enhance your journey on this beautiful planet.

Duration 1.5hrs