Yoga & Me

I was introduced to yoga as a child by my Great Aunt. She was widowed quite young and found yoga helped her through her grief and kept her body healthy and in good physical shape. I loved it when she would describe the full lotus (padmasana). I would then get into it and walk around on my knees!

So the seed was planted and at about 17yrs old a yoga class came to my town. I loved the classes, but then my focus shifted and I didn’t get back to yoga again until after arriving in Australia in 1983.

I have been a student at Ringwood School of Yoga with Judi McVea since 1984. Admittedly, I have had many long breaks in between classes (once for 10 years).

In those breaks I used the excuse of life stopping me from practicing yoga, but then finally I would find myself sitting in Judi’s class again. Each time I returned to my practice I would notice differences in my flexibility or body shape that disappointed me. More importantly though, I would also notice how great I felt afterwards and would always say I must  continue yoga, but then life got in the way again!

 I eventually realized the insight in this and finding myself at a significant crossroads, decided to take myself seriously.

In February 2011 I went up to Byron Bay to gain my certificate IV in yoga teaching with Purna Yoga and also in Pre Natal & Post Natal Yoga with Bliss Baby.

The exciting thing here though is this: When at Purna Yoga doing my teaching certificate, I quickly I felt the changes in my posture; my strength has improved and my flexibility too. Yoga is a continual learning and I’m very excited to be a student of life, love and yoga.

My Teaching Style
I teach with intention of bringing awareness into the body. We are often trying to run away from how we feel. We can do this by way of working, entertainment and being busy all the time. Yoga, mindfulness and breath help us come back into the incredible body we all inhabit. I teach my students to notice. By noticing, we are less likely to injure ourselves. Aligning into an asana (posture) with awareness is much more enjoyable for both beginners and regular students. Props can also help with alignment. My studio supplies many different props. When holding an asana it’s an opportunity in awareness to notice what else is? How do YOU feel?

My Qualifications
I became a regular student of Hatha Yoga in 1984. I learned my main body of teaching skills with Byron Yoga. The style they teach is Purna Yoga. This means integrated, which includes a mix of asana (postures) Pranayama (breath awareness) Meditation and Philosophy. My personal style of teaching also incorporates my years as a student with Judi Mc Vea of The Ringwood School of yoga.
I gained my level 1 level 2 and Certificate IV of Yoga Teaching in 2011 at Byron Yoga.
I gained my Pre Natal and Post Natal teaching in 2011 with Bliss Baby Yoga.
I gained Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation training in 2013 with The Gawler Foundation.
I gained a Graduate Certificate of Yoga Therapy in 2015-2016 with Australian Institute of Yoga Therapy.
I gained iRest Yoga Nidra levels 1&2 in 2016 & 2017 with the Integrative Restoration Institute.
I gained my certificate in Yin Training in 2017 with Byron Yoga.